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Voice Out 

If we move in resonance, you will hear us sing

Five dance artists—each with his or her own story to tell—will devise new works individually, find commonalities amongst each other and deliver their singular voices in resonance in Voice Out. Former Cloud Gate 2 dancer Dever Chan and Chan Wai-lok, fresh graduate from the Belgium dance school P.A.R.T.S, meet rising independent artists Alice Ma, Terry Tsang and Pansy Lo for the development of this programme. Renowned Berlin-based director Tian Gebing serves as dramaturg, advising on the final composition of these diverse voices.

12-14 March 2020 
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Culture Centre 


身體的吶喊 成就最真實的共鳴

《眾聲起舞》凝聚五位以身體發聲的創作及表演者,包括從台灣雲門2回流 的陳慶翀、剛從比利時當代舞學院P.A.R.T.S畢業的陳偉洛、嶄露頭角的 獨立編舞者馬師雅、曾景輝和盧盼之,以舞作發放各自內在的聲音,尋 找共鳴,編奏成一個眾聲喧嘩的舞蹈作品。是次特邀到常駐柏林的北京 導演田戈兵擔任創作指導,將作品融會貫通成一篇舞蹈樂章。