Avenue Van Volxem 175, Etg 3 (2018)


Av.Van Volxem 175, etg 3 is a site-specific performance held at Watson Road Sitting-out Area, North Point, Hong Kong. The neglected public space is located at the end of a cul-de-sac next to the Eastern Corridor Highway. The unusually ‘white’ sitting out area that resembles a gallery space was reframed as a personal space with white fabric mounted on timber frames. Projections of ripples flow with the delicate moves of the dancer, transforming the space into the heart of the lake, the setting of a novel Writopia and the Spell of Disappearance, as he reflects on his own existence and representations.

The stage is enclosed by wooden modules that could be re- assembled, consisting of triangular structural frames and connecting battens. The fabric, hand-stitched, fits on the connecting battens and were fixed onto the ground with weight of another batten. Spectators need to probe their head through slits of the white fabric to peep at the performance. As they do so, they also see heads on the opposite side, resembling a reflection. The quirky installation splits the head from the body, leaving it on the outside senseless of the activity. According to review by a local critic, this split seems to echo the question of the distance between the head and the heart, and as well recalls the current condition of the society.

The performance, staged at night in an site-specific installation, contemplates the struggles between one’s mental space and the linkage to the outside world. We invite the audience to peep through the barrier to observe the inner world of oneself and share the sentiments about addiction and solitude.



Concept & performance
Wai Lok Chan

SZ/HK Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture

Tine Declerck (Belgium)
Ruby Ku (Hong Kong)

Siu Man